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Scalamobile Portable Stair Climber

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Scalamobile Portable Stair Climber

The Complete Solution to Stair Access

Stairway accessibility presents a constant challenge to wheelchair users, disabled persons and the walking impaired. Family and employee caregivers are at risk for injury without the proper stairlift tool.

The Scalamobil portable stair climber is designed to easily and safely negotiate narrow stairs on many different surfaces, indoor or outdoor. Provided the stairs are in good condition the properly operated Scalamobil will take you up or down safely; and the battery powered Scalamobil climbing mechanism virtually assures no stair damage. The pullout handles can be adjusted to the individual size of the operator.

The Scalamobil can climb stairs which are only 4.5" (11 cm) deep which no other portable stair climber can do. From the operators point of view, safety features include fully automatic mechanical security brakes on every wheel. Variable speed control from 6 - 16 steps per minute - and the ability to park the Scalamobil and passenger safely on any step.

The compact Scalachair X3 accessory provides the ideal solution for narrow staircases. With its small dimensions it fits through most doors and the attachment for the scalamobil is already integrated on the chair. The cushions are removable, washable and comfortable to sit on. The foldable version is compact, making it easy to transport and store.

A variety of children and adult manual wheelchairs can be adapted to the Scalamobil using special attachment brackets or the Scalaport universal wheelchair carrier accessory.

The Scalamobil portable stairlift stair climber is easily stored when not in use. There is no installation and it may be used in multiple stairway locations. It is easily disassembled for travel. On-site training is included. It is available immediately.

Product Details: Scalamobil Portable Stair Climber

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